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Surviving a cold-blooded attack

October 18, 2012 By: bushy Category: Brisbane, Property Comments Off

It is Saturday morning and have just finished hanging up the washing near the pool.
So with the backpack loaded, I attempt to walk on paving because the girls stuffed up parking as usual so the driveway is closed.
There is only on entrance onto paving and it was being blocked by an inconsiderate spiky cold blooded mean lizard.

Brisbane Lizard

Very inconsiderate lizard

So figured this resident – protected by legislation – would allow me to pass him by on the right. As I attempted to place a shoe on the paving, he lunged forward.

Mean Lizard advancement

Mean Lizard advancement

This resident was not planning to be considerate.
This was followed by dirty looks thrown by both left and right cold eyeballs.
Before long he’d blocked paving entrance (removing my foot in fear ;-).

I wasn’t going to cross swords with bloke with uncut nails and a dodgy mean attitude, so I reversed away and went upstairs bypassing the lizard paving property.