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Using VirtualBox

August 08, 2014 By: bushy Category: General Comments Off

Long time ago – that is 1998 – I started developing hardware and embedded software. The software running on developed hardware had  only options: it works OR it fails.

This distinction made embedded software reasonably easy to deal with.

When developing software running on a Microsoft or Linux machine did not have clear cut solutions and issues but rather a zillion possibilities of why that software change hangs or breaks the machine.

Initially the fix was to install the operating system – Microsoft or Linux – on a virtual machine. This virtual machine acted just like the real machine, but could be slowly booted, stepped though the software change and then reversed and re-executed a couple times over. The boss enjoyed this because he did not have to buy couple machines for each developer/programmer because the virtual machine was really good a faking reality ;-)

The problem was the virtual machine software – VMware - cost real money.

Then the open-source developed “VirtualBox“. The open-source solution did everything the paid VMware could do for no cost. A couple years later when VirtualBox crossed the second version, Oracle decided to promote and add VirtualBox to the solution list.

I have been using VirtualBox since 2012 and it works really when. I was able to convert the VMware machines over to VirtualBox in a couple minutes.

The current release of VirtualBox seems to have issues with latest virus software versions. If you want to get the latest VirtualBox, ensure you select  version “4.3.15r95286“.