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Now living and experiencing Brisbane, Australia

Living in Australia

If your planning on living in Australia or working in Australia, then Brisbane – the state capital of Queensland – is an excellent starting point for any tourist or emigrant.

Brisbane is built around a meandering river – no wonder it is often called the “River City“. It is precisely this that defines of gives the city its character – so much so that it is celebrated every year with the “River Festival“.

Brisbane CBD

If you’re a South African and of the fairer sex you’re probably want to know what you should pack in your dozen or so suitcases?

Well, it gets really hot and humid in summer – think a Pretoria’s heat mixed with Durban’s humidity plus interest! If you’re from Cape Town – expect to die!!! The heat is different – it kinda bites into your skin – so if you’re a baldie or have short hair – a hat is not optional in the 35+ day-in and day-out temperatures.

So girls – really short mini skirt and tiny top works just fine – thanks ;-)

Winter is a really short experience – mainly the month of July where the morning temperatures drop to the early tens and the day time peak is in the mid to late twenties.

It is also the only time that the humidity drops to around 50% !!!

As for when are the rainy months, I don’t know!

Australia, in particular Queensland, is experiencing the worst drought in living memory. It actual odd because down in New South Wales, they’re getting all flooded out! Basically, the weather systems are all screwed.


Story Bridge

Living in Brisbane is easy. Most of the major roads within the Brisbane city center are named after a British royal. Most of the roads that run east-west are named after a king e.g. George, Edward etc. Roads running north-south are after the queens e.g. Ann, Adelaide, Mary, Elizabeth etc.


Edward Street

The Queen Street Mall – the major shopping hub for the Brisbane CBD – just ask any Sheila and she’ll point you in the right direction!

Queen Street Mall

As you enter the Queen Street Mall from the corner of Edward and Adelaide Street, you’ll find David Jones – an upper class department store.

David Jones

A little down from David Jones is the town hall. This hall is used for all kinds of functions including high school year end parties! Over the weekends – it used to host the Sunday markets – well, that was until they started building the Queen Street – Roma Street bus way tunnel underneath square!

Brisbane Town Hall

Aussies love their V8! One could say you’re not a Aussie man if you don’t own one!

V8 engine downunder

And then no city would be complete without a casino that has an 80% chance of taking all your money! Some people are real suckers – there is definitely no shortage of patrons at “The Treasury“.


Then there’s entertainment and more shopping at the South Bank Parklands

SouthBank Promenade

So whether you’re living in Australia or planning to work in Australia, I strongly suggest that you choose Brisbane – the river city – in the Great South East, Queensland.