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Samsung GT-N7105T update

February 07, 2014 By: bushy Category: General

On Tuesday I figured I would update some of the Google-Aps that were downloaded a month or two ago.

Easy. The broadband was alive so all would work just fine.

The Google-Ap received an update.

The second Ap also received an update.

The third was a “GT-N7105T system update”. This was good as I had never before updated the mobile system. All would be good. Then the update started. It took forever and put me to sleep.

In the morning I just had to agree here and there. Fine.

At this point I noticed I had missed two calls!!! Why?

Then I tried to change the ring tone. The change worked but I could not hear the ring tone. Tried another and still could not hear the ring tone. Vibration worked fine – could feel the vibration. Ring tone still did not work ;-(

Frustrated I went back to the phone shop and asked for help. The first aid tried ring tone changes and failed. Then an expect aid repeated and failed. Then I said I had downloaded the Samsung system update. The first two Google-Ap updates appeared and seem just fine.

I was then told to “Reset Samsung” and reload the Samsung software.

This second update really cost my Vodafone account as seen in the image.

SamsungUpgradeCost2Maybe Samsung does not test their updates ;-(